When it comes to constructing a home, what you can’t see makes a big difference. Framing a home properly the first time reduces build costs and maintains the integrity of architectural elements and finish details as the build process progresses.

Working with S.R. Freeman is a solid investment you can trust. Utilizing complex AutoCAD drawings allows us to examine and address every facet before we get started and keeps us on track throughout the project. We create complex wood frame construction to tolerances within ¼ inch and design, fabricate and install roof systems, beamwork and structural steel with the same exacting standards. Our attention to detail extends to the smallest of projects, which is why clients also count on us to construct arbors, entertainment pavilions and balconies as well as install exterior and interior trim and finish work.

In addition to bringing our craftsmanship and expertise to every job, fellow contractors appreciate our ability to manage all aspects of the framing process. By collaborating and sharing the workload we ensure that each phase stays on point and is completed with precision and quality, all to create a successful project for everyone involved.