Assistant Project Manager/Estimator

S.R. Freeman is now hiring for the position of Assistant Project Manager/Estimator.


  • The purpose of this job description is to define the authority, accountability, reporting relationship, duties and responsibilities and standard of performance for Assistant Project Manager/Estimators of S.R. Freeman, Inc.
  • The Assistant Project Manager/ Estimator is responsible for assisting Project Managers in preparing accurate and profitable job estimates, converting the estimates into successful bids and for planning and managing the resultant projects to successful completion.
  • The Assistant Project Manager/ Estimator is responsible for assisting with the preparation contract documents, project estimates, lumber lists, and hardware lists. He must work closely with the P.M. and accounting department to ensure proper billing on the projects.
  • This becomes a training position for the future position of Project Manager. The typical responsibilities are to learn the specific details of the position and to assist the Project Manager with his duties of overseeing and managing the construction of the house.


The Assistant Project Manager/ Estimator reports directly to and is fully accountable to his P.M.  No others report directly to the Assistant Project Manager/ Estimator.


  • Required a High School Diploma or G.E.D. equivalent.
  • Must have proficiency with Microsoft Outlook, Word, Excel, and Project.
  • Must be a dynamic and proactive communicator, who competently uses written and verbal disciplines such as e-mail, voice-mail, etc.
  • Must have the skills, knowledge, and desire to keep all lines of communication open between all of the departments of S R Freeman, Inc.
  • Must have an excellent command of the English language, possessing good grammatical and writing skills .
  • Prefer a minimum of 4 years of “hands-on” experience in the field, or 3 years experience in a similar position with a construction company of at least 1 Million dollar volume.
  •  Prefer a minimum of 3 years experience in estimating jobs in the construction business, 2 of which in estimating framing projects.
  • Must have an understanding of residential building and framing layout.
  • Required to read blue prints and accomplish building material take offs and detail for equipment and material needs.
  • Must be able to effectively communicate with employees of varying education levels.
  • The sense of sight, speech (English) and hearing are required. Must possess excellent verbal and written communication skills.
  •  The physical requirements are stressful, although part of the time will be spent sitting. Walking, turning the head and torso, reaching, grasping, bending and flexing the arms, legs, wrists, and fingers, climbing, balancing and the ability to lift 50 pounds is required.
  • Must be a highly organized person who can monitor numerous projects at once and can prioritize the workloads of reporting employees. Effective time management skills are a must.
  • Must have a current California Drivers license and be insurable.


  • Half of the time (50%) will be spent in an office environment, with little noise and with controlled temperature. Additional time (50%) will be spent in the field overseeing the various project activities. Driving to and from job sites will be required in the greater San Jose area. While on construction sites, all of the normal hazards will prevail including noise, dust, falling objects and any of the other dangers that occur on a construction site.
  • The normal workday will be from 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM. However, the hours may be long when specific projects are due, thus some extended schedules will be necessary. This is a key management position and must attend scheduled management meetings before or after normal working hours.


  • Assists in developing project estimation and bid documents. This includes doing material take-offs, preparing of inclusion/ exclusion lists, preparing contract documents, filing pre-liens, making schedules, ordering materials, facilitating the flow of any necessary paperwork from the field to the office and from office to customer’s office, approving payable invoices, and communicating with customers. He prepares the bid documents and helps to manage projects placed under the Project Manager/Estimator’s control.
  • Ensures that all extra work being performed is done through the change order system.
  • Supervises, monitors, and revises, as necessary, all activities associated with the project and its successful completion by bringing the project in or below budget.
  • Assists in controlling excessive costs and waste through out the projects under his control.


  •  Assists in developing project estimates, completes take-offs from blue prints, completes and submits bids to P.M. for review.
  •  Generates contract documents, change orders, and other necessary paperwork, in concert with Project Manager.
  •  Assists in the direction and supervision of field personnel to achieve preset levels of performance in terms of quantity and quality of work produced. This includes over view of on-site and off-site training, scheduling, establishing goals and standards, and evaluations.
  •  Monitors job cost reports for assigned projects on weekly basis.
  •  Proofreads all payables associated with assigned projects
  •  Settles on terms and prices with suppliers and sub-contractors.
  •  Prepares and helps determine schedules for manpower utilization and materials delivered to the site
  •  Helps to ensure that all assigned employees are thoroughly trained in their duties and responsibilities.
  •  Helps to ensure that S R Freeman is a safe and healthy work environment for personnel, even on the job site.
  •  Meets regularly with any assigned personnel to ensure proper information flow and adherence to stated goals and objectives.
  •  Endeavors to build employee morale at all times, striving to reduce employee turnover.
  •  Conducts himself/herself in a professional manner, constantly assisting personnel in the development of proper work habits.
  •  Ensures that all reporting employees are active, and that waste and non-productive time is kept to a minimum.
  •  Demonstrates good judgment in investigating problems and making decisions. Respects and maintains the confidentiality of company, customer, and personnel information.
  •  Maintains cooperative working relationships with supervisors and other staff members in all departments. Makes it understood that THE CUSTOMER IS OUR FIRST PRIORITY and that each employee is here to support that priority.
  • Attends regular management meetings on those matters that affect the successful performance of their jobs and to ensure proper interaction between crews. Stays aware of current company policies and procedures and ensures that all reporting employees adhere to those regulations.
  • Ensures that all government and company requirements relating to safety, health, and environment are strictly adhered to and enforced.
  • Ensures that and all reporting employees follow the change order procedure completely, and submits all necessary paper work to assure compliance, ordering and billing.
  • Performs any other duties as may be assigned by the President.


  •  Project hours are completed on time or earlier 95% of the time. Helps keep job on-budget and on-schedule.
  •  Material take-off for purchasing is accurate, and easy for all employees and vendors to read and understand.
  •  Project Job Costs were at or below the Project budget.
  •  Crew schedules have been completed with sufficient time to allow crew members to plan to be on time at their daily work site.
  •  All required paper work has been processed in a timely manner to allow for prompt invoicing of clients both
  •  Customers and the General Contractor are 100% satisfied with the project upon completion. Any complaints or concerns have been resolved promptly and beneficially.
  •  Has demonstrated good judgement in reporting and resolving problems that have arisen on the projects under the Project Manager/Estimators control.
  •  All California and Federal laws have been adhered to regarding environmental protection practices, and working condition requirements.
  •  The Project Manager is satisfied with the quantity and quality of the work performed by the Assistant Project Manager/estimator).
  •  All instructions (oral and written) given by the President are followed and satisfactorily completed.

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